Welcome To Our Spiritual Events & Spiritual Chillout Breaks

Hi welcome to our idyllic country home and gardens. My name is Bev, my house mate is Lynda and we have known each other for over 30 years and been business partners for 20 of them. We are welcoming you to join us in our life changing Spiritual events, from our chillout Spiritual breaks, with hands on healing session and daily meditation cleasses. To our famous all inclusive Annual Self Awareness Retreats to our very own Annual Spiritual Gathering 

Where we live in the tranquil Scottish Highlands is bliss in itself. We have private vast gardens with their very own vegetable plots/ herb gardens and  fruit gardens where you can choose and pick which fruits you would like to top your breakfast, or to point out which fresh vegetables you would like with your evening meal.

We have a private natural wood for leisurely strolls and walks, where we do forest bathing, woodland meditation and take the time to sense nature spirits.

 Everything is home grown and cooked in our cherished Aga, bringing back the home cooked and baked flavours from yesteryear (healthy too!)

Please feel free to browse our website for all our information.



                                                                                   Full Board & Lodgings            3 Phase Labyrinth of Life Initiation           Tranquility & Chill Out Breaks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

                                                                                    4 Full Day Workshops                   Traditional Aga Cooking                                 Cosy Open  Fires


                                                                                     Gain Mental Clarity                    Find Emotional Strength                        Learn The Physical Know How   


                                                                                    Midnight Star Gazing                   Marshmallow Fire Pit                                   Spiritual Breaks    


                                                                                       Spiritual Breaks                 Homely & Friendly Atmosphere                           Psychic Development